Saturday, February 12

Welocome to the New Western Middle eastern.

I hear that a few days ago, the 32nd anniversary of the American-Islamic-Revolution of 1979{a preparetory effort in bringing "Democracy" and "peace" to the Middle East} was "celebrated" in a quiet way, quite contrary to the way the Revolutionaries of the first rate would have cheered for the triumph of the imported "democracy" and "peace" thirty years ago, when Khomaini was alive. Two decades ago, the Fajr Dahe would have been a spectacle as expensive as Obama's inaugruration or Clinton's Daughter's wedding, and the ever vigilant Western Media would have been present to capture those precious moments of jubilation. In fact, I believe that it was imperative to show the whole world that the Road to Peace in the Middle East passes through Revolutions such as this! This year, the Egyptian Revolution" however, hijacked the attention of the ever-vigilant-Western-Media, and unfortunately there was not much of a talk about the Islamic Revolution of 1979 in Iran!
The West is now providing Goods and Services to the Middle East, and the masses will pay the Taxes for many centuries to come! Even evslavement has a price tag attached to it, but would the masses finally get that.

And I say, well done you Good Old Fox, Thank- you Uncle Sam!