Tuesday, January 4

The Young, the New Year...

Well, it's here--in fact, it has already arrived four days ago, the New Year, of course. Many people celebrated it's arrival, many with great hopes for a pleasant year ahead--perhaps,same-old-wishes are being recycled, if there is such an action as recycling wishes-- marched on to the unknown. Around me, as far as I am aware, there is a general tendency to be refreshingly optimistic, who knows what future beholds?! And I am certain that this optimism will carry us through most of the year.

Here in my neighbourhood, in the alleyway, two happy young girls shouted three times, "Happy New Year,every one". Only a fool could resist the sweet melody of hope in their voices! I opened my window, despite the chill and poked my head outside, and uttered audibly, "And a very Merry Year to you too"! They roared with laughter and cried, "Oh, a very merry year, that's cool".

However belatedly, may you enjoy the year of Rabbit, without hastiness nor a long-pause but with much consideration and care. And may your march into the unknown bring you many steps closer to reach your true potentials, and meet your Destiny.


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