Monday, October 11

I am your other half.

I am your other half, disjointed, yes, indeed we are, but in spite of it I remain close to you. Because, you see, our fate is alike. And it is true that while you and I are lingering in the dark, sadly the others are writing down our history, just to make a point across!

What a Fate, don’t you agree?

You are at Home, that is your advantage, of course. But, you see, I am away, not by choice, which is a disadvantage, which I clearly acknowledge and abhor. I know your story, but you know nothing of mine. And I dare say, though it is painful to admit, it’s only fair to you. I know, I know, I am not complaining, just a heart-to-heart, that’s all. After all, you are my other half, are you not?

What a Fate, don’t you agree?

I know what you want, but sadly, you know nothing of what I have in mind. My life is perfect, to you. I have “everything” that I want, why should I want something else, or anything at all? And you think that you have a point!
What a Fate, don't you agree?

I am your other half, bad or good, I am you. What I want is not for me alone, can’t you see that you have a share of it too?