Tuesday, July 27

In Commemoration of our Late SHAHANSHAH


Every year, on such a day, I post a special note in commemoration of our Late Shahanshah, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, and I do it to salute a man who fought the greatest battle of any King’s life into which he was thrown.

For those who remember his reign with consideration to the time and the circumstances of that time, their greatest memories are of those times when despite all the ups and downs a progressive society will go through, they felt safe and protected living in their own land. For those who did not like him at all, for personal and stylish or idiotic reasons, at least the country was a heaven where they could breathe the air without having to deal with a tightening- iron-fist locking around their neck.

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was a King whose real intentions were nothing but good and his visions were honest for his people and the neighbouring countries and the world at large. Those who write ill of him know perfectly well that running a semi-traditional Middle Eastern country that was coming to terms with modernity was not the easiest political task for any one, let alone for a King who was the target of many malicious attempts and unjust political attacks from his so called “Western Allies”.

He was a great example of a man who knew the game before it was played, but was surrounded by bunch of crooks and political pimps, and therefore betrayed by his “most sincere allies,” and therefore lost the game! Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was an easy target; a Middle Eastern King who knew his country’s position in what was and still is a highly central element to the building of “the road to peace in the Middle East”.

Let us remember our late King, kindly not unjustly, for he was kind and just to those who were kind and just to Iran. Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was a man who foresaw and predicted many things in the future that have now became the reality of the lives of millions of Iranians living in and out of Iran. Today, millions of Iranians, 30 years after his passing still remember their King, who was true to his principles, generous to his friends, and kind to his enemies. Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi loved Iran, and wished nothing but the best for the people of that ancient land and the world around, and it is so fortunate that what he did for that country will be judged by history not the propagandists who serve the scums.


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