Saturday, July 24

"Allah's Names," no more!

A few posts ago I promised to write a weekly-post, Allah's Names, and in my last post I delivered my promise, on that week. But then something happened. No, don't worry, I did not become a born-again-muslim, instead as weeks went by I became less interested in the concept I thought I would like to work on, only because of a long discussion about the subject with a friend who insisted that I should review my promise and its fulfillment. And I did review the promise, and s a result made a decision that certainly did nullify the promise. Don't get me wrong, I still object to calling Oneself the Compassionate and declare decrees contrary to your Nature, just as I object to force-worshiping a tribal-god, whose rules are governed by many feelings but Compassion!

I think that the battle between Good and Evil starts with seeing oneself as all good, (perhaps not as good as a god, but as a good as the trustee of His Estate--the Prophet and his devotees) and the other as evils. But that's beside the point.

So, be it known that this is the last post relating to the topic of Allah's Names. And I will remember Him and His Compassion whenever I look at the situation in the Middle East.


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