Wednesday, June 2

Why Allah’s Names!

Before I begin a series of posts, under the heading of ‘Allah’s Names,’ I should like to clarify a point or two as to why I want to write, in brief and casually, about a few of Allah’s Names and their meanings. If I may be frank with you all, I must say that when you look at the history of Islam and its subsequent advancement in Iran, you will note that Allah has been a great force of nature, especially ever since the “triumph of the Islamic Revolution” in 1979, where The Protecting-Friend’s (Al-Wali=الولی=Allah) rules have been established, legitimized and enforced, and as a result nearly 8,000,000 Iranians have been forced into “exile”. Furthermore, I am obliged to talk about the many Names of The Avenger (المنتغم=Al-Muntaqim) whose army of devotees are now the Protectors of the Devil, whose influence on the making of so many nations’ fate has been of great consequence. Now, having said that, should anyone of you be obliged to be enraged when encountering a weekly-post under the title of ‘Allah’s Names’ and declare me a heretic, I have nothing against your judgment, but I sincerely wish you an aptitude for a thorough examination of your faith.

That being said, I’d now like to draw your attention to the following Quranic verse:

Remember Me, and I will remember you” (Quran, 2:152) [the sentence is a direct quotation taken from a translation of Quran, which came to my hand a few months ago]

I have always believed, and still do, that as a matter of Principles, people shouldn’t be forced to ‘Remember’ things, people, incidents or events. Things, people, events, incidents are either Memorable or Not. I also believe that if the “love of Allah is greater than all other kinds of love,” and if that ‘Love’ is carried in the hearts of the worshipers, then, why push the poor creature to “Remember Him Who is Beyond All Needs and Demands”? To be honest with you, the pushy-tone of Allah’s admonition does not appeal to me at all, because I cannot “Remember” Allah on demand. And above all, if I love something it means that that love is a second nature to me and the Object of that Love is not Forgettable, and I don’t have to worry about Remembering It. Simple as that. A friend once said to a “believer” that, “You argue that Allah is ‘beyond needs and demands’, and then your holly book, Quran tells me that Allah Wants you to “Remember Him,” only if you’d wish to be remembered by Him. Should I go with your saying or should I stay with the Quran?” The “believer” simply shouted that, “You and the likes of you are lost forever! Rot in Hell, all of you!”

All things considered, after a few days of contemplation I decided that I cannot bring myself to write under such heading. So, I refrained from writing weekly-pieces under the title, “Remember Me,” and instead I decided to focus on some of Allah’s Names and their Meanings.

The Most Beautiful Names Belong to Allah; invoke Him by Them” (Quran, 7:180)
So, in order to “invoke Him” by His Most Beautiful Names, and with the hope that my action is taken as a kind consideration of the Remembering-Me”, I commence a series of posts under the heading of Allah’s Names. What better than Remembering and Invoking Allah by a Name that we find interesting. May He hears us, correctly and fairly, and move away His worshipers from Iran to another Land of His Creation. Then, for sure, I will Remember Him!

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