Tuesday, June 29

Allah's Name (1)

A couple of years ago, a Saudi guy, who worked as a “personal trainer” at an upscale gym where my friend tried very hard to melt away her unwanted fat, gave her a Christmas present, a special Quran. What is so special about that Quran? Well, each verse appears in Arabic, and in pure gold, and under each verse, in another line appears a very interesting “English translation” of that same verse in silver! So, you can read each verse, and a chapter as a whole, either in Arabic, that is if you can, or in English, that is if you must. And if you are kind of familiar with Arabic Language, you can laugh your head off by the way of the contrast between the original and the translated version of the same verse. Anyway, at the end of this marvelous Quran, there comes a list of Allah’s Names—99 of them—written, again, in both Arabic and English. And in front of each Name comes an English definition of the same Name in emboldened gold. Quiet fancy for a gift! I know. But don’t you forget that Allah revealed Himself to Mohammad over the mountain in Mecca, and instructed him to spread the last-good-words around. And today the trustees of Allah will send His Words around, either with sword, or in silver or gold.

Now, in order to write about Allah’s Names, I’ve consulted that fancy gift as my one and only legitimate Source. Because, what could be more appropriate than using that Quran which was put together by the true followers of Mohammad, Allah’s special army?

One of Allah’s most cherished Names is Al-Aziz (العزیز), the “Mighty”. If I were not familiar with Islam, and were just a regular Zahra or Fatima, I would have assumed that Allah is wonderfully Loveable. But fortunately for me, I was born in Iran, and utterly unfortunate for me I had lived under the Yoke of Allah’s worshipers. And I can assure you that there is nothing in Allah’s mightiness that deserves love or respect.

In Farsi Aziz (which is an Arabic word) simply means that which is loved and respected, and is dear to one’s heart. For instance, you may call your beloved daughter or mother, or even your sweetheart Azizam or Aziz, quite appropriately, just to express your tender feeling of love toward that dear individual. Calling someone, Aziz or Azizam is like calling someone Dear or Darling. But, when I look at the history of Islam in the Middle East, and especially in Iran, and the plight of the nation who had suffered after the advancement of that religion in that country, I cannot see Allah as a Mighty Power worthy of my Praise and Respect. One foot outside my country, in Afghanistan where Allah’s rules are preserved, protected and practiced by thugs and criminals, all true believers of Allah, I see neither love nor respect for humanity. And I ask myself, should I love that which stands against what is truly lovely, Aziz?


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Jonah said...

Have hope! If only in a sharing of your troubles. Though truly the sins of the governments of many countries in the Middle East stand bold against the roots of their proclaimed religion All countries suffer under the plight of their rulers. I am American, I have lived in America all my life. I can just as easily point to travesties that breed and run rampant in my own country and culture as you can in your own. My countries crimes are more subtle and subversive and therfore largely avoid the obvious decrying of the international stage. If you go to my blog, on the side bar I have links to some videos that discuss what I am referring to.
Beneath your title you say that your blog discusses our lives in chaos. The Christian Bible teaches that God is a God of order and consistancy. I do not know what the Koran teaches. Is it similar?