Tuesday, May 4

Happy Mother's Day

There is only a few more days till Mother's day. I would like to take this wonderful opportunity to write about mothers and there importance in our life. Many people may not had or have the opportunity to experience what a good mother may be and it is perhaps very difficult to define what a good mother means, simply because in many cases our experiences and our needs vary and depending on that is how we define a good or bad mother. However, if we know the difference between good and bad, as I am sure that all people know the definition of good and bad even if some of us had more bad experiences to a point in which that they are not able to admit the difference between good and bad, yet we are all capable in our true being to know the difference. As we understand the difference between the act of kindness and unkind; in that regard and regardless of our personal experiences, every day as we walk out side and experience living among other people we witness kindness.

In my opinion, having a good mother regardless of our gender should not be something outside of ourselves. As a fetus, all of us, and for more than few months(depending on wether one was born before nine months or more), were living within our mother so in a way we have been our mother. As a fetus, in the mother's womb once we experienced every feeling or thoughts that our mother experienced and it effected us in a purest way as there was never any gap between the mother and the fetus. Every time she cried we felt the sadness, every time she laugh we felt the joy and the happiness, every time she sensed, we responded to her. Simply because we were the living being with emotions. But and than once we were born some of us stopped to feel our mother and got so concerned about our own being that we forgot she is always within us. Later on, some of us decided that she was not good enough to represent us and we wanted so badly to declare our own independence so we separated ourselves from her as much as we could to a point that we forgot and lost our own true being. A lost human being with a lost soul and fines nothing to hold on to. But the fact is that as we grow older and hopefully wiser, we realize that, in essence we are not so different than our own mother. So to love your mother is to love yourself and when you love yourself is to respect yourself and to respect yourself is to refine yourself and once that we have accomplished that is the same as refining your mother. Simply because we can not refine ourselves and mothers if we seek her as an outsider. So be good to yourself and in so doing be good to your mother and know that you could not exist if your mother did not. You don't even have to do much, all you have to do is to huge her and kiss her and tell her that you love her and thank her for being your mother and if you did that, you will be the first even before your own mother to feel love, respect, warmth, and be proud of who you really are.

I am lucky to have a good mother although I have not always being a good child yet she has shared her love with me every day and as I am growing older I am loving her more and more everyday and that is what makes me feel good about me and my mother.


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Anonymous said...

this is a very powerful piece. I like the drawing.

Happy Mother's day to Twoshorties