Thursday, April 15

You ought to be out of your bloody mind!

Everything about Politics is nauseating to me. I hate political games, and I cannot respect politicians, for in my time, I haven’t met one, who is not only a crook, but also an ass too.

Re-mapping the Middle East, eh?
You ought to be out of your bloody mind to dare to suggest such a thing. You ought to be out of your mind to make a dirty deal with Devil. Haven’t you heard of the “man” who sold his soul to Devil? And what became of him? Utterly destroyed, a nasty fate!

Fundamentalism? Selling weapons, latest killing machine guns and ammunitions, never mind nuclear wastes, to those dangerous men of (no) “godly” convictions, and you think that that is a joke? You think Terrorism was invented when your dad was still working on a mine-field, when your uncle was joining the Vietnam war, when your grandfather came back from Berlin? You are ought of your bloody mind!

Your meeting in Soudan, and your support of Taliban, and your meetings with the Hamas, and your investing a fortune in creating fear and anxiety for all nations, they are all bad politics with sad ending. Call them failed attempts at bringing peace to many nations around the world! What a hoax! What a load of shit! By the way, have you found Osama?? Or is he still recording tapes for you?! Re-mapping the Middle East, dream on baby, dream on!


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