Monday, April 19

Remembering Dr. Shojaedin Shafa, a Great Iranian Man

What I am about to say may seem offensive to those Iranians who think they have done a lot! But I am merely talking of a dark truth, a truth about our lack of appreciation, understanding, out unwillingness to acknowledge our own fault as a suppressed nation.
Every time an Iranian of worth (worth mentioning their name) passes away a certain sadness overcomes me to the point that it paralyses my senses for weeks to come. I said “Iranians of Worth” and by that I mean those of us, who are selfless, caring, and daring. And they are many, some unknown, and some are very well-known, some are appreciated and some are neglected badly. But they are here amongst the rest of the “Iranians”.

Dr. Shojaedin Shafa, an Iranian scholar, literati, a great translator, and a cultural heritage, passed on, away from the country he greatly loved and cared and worried for. He passed on in exile, like so many other Iranians do, without having the chance to return to his homeland even in his old age. Perhaps a great part of his soul always longed for his ruined ancient Home, but then Home always lived within him, in his heart, like it does in so many others' heart.

Without the slightest doubt, Dr. Shafa’s legacy will live on, and his works will find their way into so many anxious hands, and his words will echo in so many minds. And what could be more fulfilling, for a man whose life was devoted to his love of truth, than to leave something behind that can never be destroyed.

Remembering Dr. Shafa is a national duty, for he gave us so much and so clear that to ignore it is to admit that we are incapable of grasping the truth and therefore will never have a chance to deserve to see ourselves Free.

May we always remember those who did what they could to make us see the naked truth, and they did it selflessly. May we learn to appreciate those who share their lives with us and share they do selflessly, and generously.

May he, who shares so much with his people, live forever


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