Sunday, April 25

Of Writing

Robertson Davies on engage writers:

“Unquestionably some writers are deeply moved by political and social causes, and they write with power to support whatever they think is necessary to bring about a better world. Every revolution has had a few writers involved in it at the beginning; at the end they are frequently either disillusioned or dead…There are many writers, however, who regard themselves as engage because it gives them a direction they would not otherwise have” (The Merry Heart: Writing, 245).

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bill said...

It's why I've decided to quit writing about politics and social issues. But, it's hard for they are most often on our radar. I shall henceforth go with the Flo, sweat not the little things, and write about life's little things, things we don't give much thought to yet are important to our lives. So far, I have enjoyed your blog.