Friday, April 23

Having a Real Friend in an Unreal World!

To talk about “Friend,” first, let see what OED has to offer, as to the definition of the word, so that you can ponder on it, before reading this short note. According to OED, “Friend” is “a person you like and you know well, and who is not usually a member of your family”. Good starting point.

My father often spoke of “friends” and the value of their presences in our lives. He believed that, “A friend is a person who likes, knows and supports you, who is there for you when you need them, who knows your faults but also realizes that there is a certain “goodness” in you, and for all that is good, they stay a step behind you, and when you fall, they are there to catch you”. And the same token he always advised that, “One can only have a few friends, if one is really lucky, and many acquaintances, if one is really wise”.

I’d like to think of a “friend,” as a mixture of Dad’s and Oxford’s definition. I have many acquaintances but few friends, people whose presence in my life has its root to my knowing and liking them well. However, my confidant is my sister, and my most cherished friend is my mother, and both of them are “a member of” my “family”. So, there is where I differ from OED in defining friends. But I also understand that in general term; a friend is a person who is not a member of your own family. In other word, a friend is not related to you by blood ties, but they can be as close, in thoughts and spirit. In choosing friends, I am absolutely pernickety. I like to be selective and I am, and I also don’t mind to be called “a snub”. I am, I admit it. But I also have a few good friends who have been there to catch me, and that’s all that matters to me. That’s all


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