Monday, March 29


In this note, however brief, I would like to point a finger at jealousy in relation to stupidity.

The Oxford Advanced Dictionary, the one that sits like a bible on my desk, defines Jealousy (which should be beneath a mature being) as “a feeling of being jealous”. Shall we assume, for a second and for the purpose of this note that, jealousy is in us, but its degree of severity varies from one individual to another one. Now, let us see, what defines “a feeling of being jealous”. According to the same source, if “feeling angry or unhappy because somebody you like or love is showing interest in somebody else”, then you are suffering from bouts of “jealousy”. Furthermore, should you happen to feel “angry and unhappy because you wish you had something that somebody else has”, you are considered to be a jealous being.

Now let us proceed to define stupidity as well, for we would like to argue with reason, not passion. According to OAD a stupid person is someone who is “showing a lack of thought or good judgment”. Stupidity, however, is a “behaviour that shows a lack of thought or good judgment”.

If you are “angry” or miserable because somebody you like happens to like somebody else, and you try to cut them off of their chance of being happy, you are jealous, and to go on with that feeling inside of you will put you in the category of being stupid. You should know that people are apt to like one another, regardless of your likes or dislikes. But if you are feeling “angry or unhappy” because you do not possess what others do, and act like an ass, then you are really stupid, because you can not possess what you don’t have. In either of these cases, if you show anger and express severe unhappiness over things people have and like, you are jealous and stupid, and are less likely to be liked or/and respected by your fellow beings.
And please do remember that jealousy kills the wildest wolf!

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