Friday, March 19

Happy Norooz to all Iranians, Tajiks and Afghans(نوروزتان شاد باد)

In the background, there is an “old” song sang by Guitti, an Iranian female artist famous in the 70s, and in the foreground, there is a picture of Norooz celebration during the reign of His Majesty, the Late Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, meanwhile, I am trying to write this note in between painting the eggs, and wrapping the gifts.

Be merry and gay, for Norooz-e Djamshidee is here. Our ancestors celebrated the Birth of Sun and the Rejuvenation of the Earth, and prepared themselves for the arrival of the most glorious season of the Year, the beautiful spring in Iran, and they called it Norooz, the New Day.

Be merry and gay, even if you are under the Yoke of the Islamic Regime, a theocratic despotic state of Terror, Horror and Hate. Be happy, for Norooz is here, and is making you feel that you are Alive, that you need to Rejuvenate, that you need to Grow.

Be merry and gay, even if you are far away from your parent, from your relatives, from the land you love and keep dear in your heart, for Norooz is here. Let us celebrate Norooz, and be thankful that we still keep some good traditions alive.

Be merry and gay, even when you are a solitary soul in the city of Millions, still feeling that although you have a home, but you are Not At Home. But, you know that, Norooz is the New Day, a New Dawn in your exilic life, and you learn to stay hopeful and sane, and you celebrate it with an inexplicable joy in the depth of your gut.

Norooz-e Tu, Norooz-e Man, Norooz Maa, Norooz-e Iran-Zamin, Shad Baad.


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