Sunday, November 29

How to spot "an idiot"!

How do you spot an idiot?

At a friend’s house a curious friend of a friend asked me, “How do you spot an idiot?”
I wish I could strike back, “What kind of a stupid question is that?!” Instead, I paused for a moment, and then replied calmly, “What’s your definition of ‘an idiot’?”

“An idiot is someone who looks for trouble, when there is no need to look for it” said a friend who sat to the left of the curious friend.

The curious friend did not budge out, “well, I must agree with you, because you know what you are talking about. In fact, ‘an idiot’ is what ‘an idiot’ does”.

“You think you can ridicule me, intimidate me, and you turn dirty trick on me, in front of all these people? If you want to fight, then fight like a fighter not a coward,” cried the angry friend.

“Why can’t you be civilized and let go of your absurd hostility?” shouted a frustrated mutual friend.

“For the love of god don’t spoil the evening!” yelled another frustrated mutual friend.

“We haven’t any interest to be involved in your fight. Grow up, both of you. Really” another guest cried loudly.

“And you call yourselves intellectuals?” again the frustrated mutual friend vented out.

It was a shouting match, for at least a good half hour they all wrangled and wrestled, verbally. It was absurd. The host, who had kept it quiet the whole time, was now angry; his face the colour of the wine he was serving mercilessly, his eyebrows frowned, and as he sat beside me he muttered under his lips, “Every time the same shit hit the ceiling. This time, this fucking nonsense, but there will be no next-time. I’m done with it, you’ll see. Next time they will see who the idiot is”. I could see his point.

“Calm down, you boys,” said a female friend, “you have spotted at least a few idiots, tonight! Beside, there are ladies in this room, not gladiators. Suppress your anger for a while, and release it somewhere else, later tonight”.

A few minutes later, the boys were all calm, and the ladies…


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Anonymous said...

The title of this blog was a passing musing of mine. I hoped that possibly there would be some attempted at tackle the proposed question rather than a detailed description of a volatile group of individuals.

I suspect from the other comments that this is fictional piece. If the attempt was to create a reflective mirror on the minds and opinions of the individuals in the group, a small introduction into the character of the cast would help the reader empathize with one of them.