Saturday, September 12

Breaking my promise

In life, we make many promises, and sometimes we break some of them. Not a problem. We are human, and thus we’re obliged to be true to our biological make-up and prove ourselves capable of changing our minds, swaying to our own tunes, and breaking our own promises. Now, having said that, I have to break a promise that I made to myself a little while ago, and talk, even in brief, about the glory of Revolutionists in Islamic Republic of Iran. And why do I break my own promise of not writing about the political shenanigans in that country? Because I know that you want to know what I think about the recent events.

So, here is what I think. That even though “the leaders of the opposition” in Iran are a selected group of seasoned Revolutionists, who are planning another Revolution to reform the first one, their estimation is all wrong! I assure you that they don’t know their numbers! And they don’t know the people of Iran.

The Supreme Leader may shout all he wants, while Ahmadinejad will show up in New York—he likes Sacks Fifth Avenue. (And who in his position wouldn’t?). Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Guard flaunts his constitutional mandate, and Mir Hossein Mossavi and his allies get ready to be glorified. Alas, Khatami will not be joining them!
Obama may like what Hillary has in mind, and who knows, may be if it’s necessary the lobbyists push for something little more daring than just a tough sanction, but the European Union may again consider some independent reactions. What the Russians and Chinese will bring to the table may even change the plan, and push the Reformists to look elsewhere. Not too complicated altogether!

But the real question still remains unanswered: How do we team up against what has been planned for us?


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