Saturday, August 1

This is me, deal with it!

I am the one who knows how much I like to see my own people, the people of Iran, free from the grip of the Islamic Evil. But, I will not (not even for a second) put my fate and trust into the care of those who have, either directly or indirectly, helped with the laying of a foundation for the establishment of an Islamic Republic in Iran. Especially I am weary of those, who have now one foot in Freedom land, while keeping the other one on the Islamic ground. I despise those who thrive on deception, manipulation, and betrayal.

I cannot and will not trust the unworthy, and who can blame me for my disagreement with the very deeds of a certain number of Freedom seekers such as Shirin Ebadi and Akbar Ganji, or their likes? I cannot, and will not, wash my hands in my people’s blood, just as I cannot support those who have, either knowingly or ignorantly, hijacked a nation’s security and Independence with a certain malice that is beyond any reason. I protest loud and clear against their shameless existence.

You can brand me as whatever you like, but you cannot accuse me of being a bigot.


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