Friday, August 28

Do I offend you? Good!

Bridging the gap between you and I, my dear fellow Iranians, is a TRY of all tries.
We no longer know one another. We are different. Why, you think we are not?! Well, think again.

I am here. I packed my bags years ago and left. Not a word was uttered; you didn’t even notice my absence. And years later, when I unpacked my bags, you did not notice it, again. But later on, when the reality hit, you did turn sour. It seems as if I have never Been what you wanted me to Be. Do I count for anything?

But, of course, you are always right. How could I be trusted? You can’t trust me, because the “likes” of me have stung you twice over, but was it my fault?
I understand you, I even sympathize with you. Yes, in my heart, I don’t blame you. Yes, I left the only Home I’ve ever truly loved, but what other choice did I have?

Yes, I saved my life; it was my only chance to live it! But, why are you so upset?
“Give it up, you stupid coward,” you shout, and I will not heed. I am far from being stupid, and you know that! I am only an image of you, my dear fellow. And, you need to UNDERSTAND THAT, for your own good.


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