Friday, July 31

For your eyes

"Persia that imaginary seat of Oriental splendour! that land of poets and roses! that cradle of mankind! that uncontaminated source of Eastern manners…no country in the world less comes up to one’s expectation than Persia, whether in beauties of nature, or the riches and magnificence of its inhabitants. But in what regards and manners and customs, it appears…that no Asiatics bear so strong the stamp of an ancient origin as they. Even in their features I thought to have distinguished a decided originality of expression, which was confirmed, when I remarked that the numerous faces seen among the sculptures of Persepolis, so perfect as if chiseled but yesterday, were so many likenesses of modern Persians, more particularly of the natives of the province of Fars". (James Morier, The Adventure of HAJJI BABA OF ISPAHAN )


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