Wednesday, June 24

Thugs, theives and whatnot

The following is an excerpt from an email I received this morning from a friend who is in Iran. Of course, I know that there is nothing new in the email in terms of what it conveys, which is the obvious truth about the vile nature of the Islamic Republic, but having said that, due to the nature of the current unrest in Iran, it is absolutely necessary to listen to every voice that reaches us abroad.

I left work last week and ended up on PICH-E-SHEMIRAN located to the very southern tip of JAD-E-GHADIM (Shariati) and almost ended up losing my head. All of a sudden a bunch of idiot waco thugs showed-up with lashes, machetes, chains, and automatic assault rifles and tried to kill a lot of people. I was not demonstrating or anything, but they thought I was. I along with 4 strangers ended up on the roof of a building hiding for 5 hours. It is a good thing that you guys aren't here. Let me tell you, DO NOT EVER THINK OF COMING BACK HERE. Everyone I know is getting the hell out of here. I have been working on a project for a while now and, as soon as I reach my objective, I TOO WILL GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE


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