Thursday, June 18

Do I give a nickle!

Mir Hossein Mossavi, a prime minister with hope!

Today, my friend Mrs. Gosaleh had accused me of indifference and insensitivity to Iranian’s Plight, because of last Saturday, when I refused to participate in the gathering of the Iranian community at Mel Lastman Square in North York, Toronto. I refuse to chant what I do not enjoy.
Was I shocked at such rude remark? No, not at all. Nothing really shocks me, especially in the matter of making hasty remarks such as that one. In truth, it has been my experience that in times like this the emerging Iranian community in Toronto gets a bit touchy and unbearable. So much for our closeness!
The recent political brouhaha caused as a result of a surfacing internal power-shift, and such event does not shock me. I am not even shocked to hear and to see that the authorities, as usual, have assaulted, arrested and killed innocent people. The oppressor does not have any other purpose to fulfill, and will never go against its own nature. On the contrary, should such a shift of power bring about some positive changes in the attitude of the Iranians toward the Islamic State as the most vicious Enemy of the Iranians, I may go paralyzed!
I do not give a nickel to any Plight that does not include all Iranians. And not all Iranians had casted their votes for any of the candidates in the recent “election” in Iran. A great number of Iranians did not go to the polling stations, for they do not believe in the system and what a forced and forged constitution would legitimize as the “election”.
If a Plight has agenda, than I refuse to recognize it as a Plight. Whether Ahmadinejad is the “elect” president, or Mossavi should have been the “one,” I do not give a damn, because they both signify the existence of an oppressive regime in Iran. The Islamic Republic’s candidates for presidency, jelly-like or cement-wise are of one cloth, and whoever dares to deny that fact may go straight to Hell.


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