Wednesday, June 24

Are you with Them?

Bloggists and twitterists alike, even the blessed stepchildren of the Newspaper Man, the Freelance-reporters and journalists have all been trying to draw the world’s attention to what is, at the very moment, the current state of the ongoing unrest in Iran. There are thousands of pictures in print or on the net, that have captured the belligerence of the Islamic regime in dealing with the people of Iran, “from amongst whom there rose the Revolutionary Man,” who beats, rapes, tortures and murders the herd of the common man! Hooray to the Revolutionary Man! Only, I am amazed that it had taken the whole world few-bloody-days to realize that the people of Iran have never had faith in the Islamic Republic from the very off set of its establishment!

Whether it was Mirhossein Mossavi’s call for protestation against the so called “coup d’├ętat” that triggered the unrest or it was Ahmadinejad’s persistence to remain true to the core of the Islamic Republic’s foundation, the blazing fire of the nation’s rage against the oppressors shall burn many bales of hay! However, the regime, as we know by now, would not budge out easily, and why should it? It took thirty-years for the regime to establish itself as one of the most brutal dictatorships in the Middle East, how can it be brought into total collapse by a crowd that is empty handed but alive? So, the Revolutionaries will use any means by which they could “put that fire out”. Alas, that cannot be done!

Now, the people of Iran extend their hands to you for support. Are you with them?

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