Monday, April 6

We Belong!

The Province of Gilan, Iran

When an Iranian-Canadian, who has, only recently, moved away from Iran to live in Canada tells me that I no longer “belong” to Iran because I no longer live in that country, I get twitch all over my body. Ah, the stupidity of these narrow-minded mules makes me chuckle but with tears in my eyes.

A friend who is with me interjects, “are you crazy? We’re all Iranians. You guys don’t see it that way, because you are still and relatively new in this country. Trying to establish yourself you’ll need your roots more than anything else to help you through. So, you see, we, who are not your ideal Iranians, are as Iranian as the rest of us who are living in Iran. We try our best to keep the culture alive. Without it we couldn’t have survived the displacement. So, you see, if I were as na├»ve as you are, I should have said that we are more Iranian than the ones like you. But, I only say this: We Belong despite your dislike!"

And I believe that truth will set all of us free!

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