Monday, April 20

A thing between You and I

Northern Iran

What I had in mind, when I started my contribution to this blog, was a raw idea of being a voice of a generation that was lost in the depth of revolution, war, and forced-migration. I wanted to be a voice of that particular generation, many of whom perished during the youth-cleansing of the 1983-1989 charged by the very power of the Islamic Revolution of the 1979, while the others carried on their task of being invisibly alive, painfully successful and visibly ignored by our own people. If our parents received sever punishment for the crime they never committed, we got the rotten hand of being ignored—an unfair treatment by the people of outrages passion and week sense of logic!

While our “Independent Intellectuals” were having the time of their lives, making names to be recorded in the most obscure chapter of the history of Modern Intellectual’s activities in Iran, the ordinary Iranian was living in total isolation of mind and spirit because he was awaiting the miraculous intervention of the Intellectual Man. But, who cares?

Many have asked, and will ask this question over and over until they find an answer to it. But who can blame those who do not seem to care? With a revolution like that, there emerged a new class of Iranian citizens called the Indifferent Class, a ruling class that is mean in spirit and soulless in thoughts, and vicious in actions. And this new Class would not give a nickel to anything but their own desires and needs. And who had a great hand in the creation of such a Class, but the Iranian-Intellectual-Man; the Man of all Men, whose palm is always itchy to grab hand-outs and pave the way for the coming of the missionaries. Meanwhile, The Indifferent Class grows into a monster of hideous size and feature, ready to tear you into pieces, but can it survive its own power? Or will it be the case that the Intellectual Man finally has to destroy his own creation?


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