Saturday, March 28

Setting the tone!

I believe that the first note of the New Year—the Persian New Year, of course— is the most important one, because it sets the tone for the whole year. So, with this hanging in mind, I sat down to write a short note in light verse, but a friend’s phone call diminished all the hope for making a light verse! Wailing and whining, she was a mad horse trotting through conversation, and stepping on words, she was grinding anger at the depth of her throat. “Isn’t it a bit strange that an Islamic Centre in LA celebrates an Iranian festivity, Chahar Shanbeh Suri, and quite a number of assholes and sons-of-bitches of all kinds turn up?” Well, not really, I thought, because if you are naïve enough to expect of those asses to act like decent beings with brains, then you have fooled yourself blindly. But I did not say that, for I could see and understand her point. Instead I just listened, because I knew she must weep, whine and wail, till she is sad no more. I must admit that at the end of our conversation she was feeling much better and I was so drained that there was no desire left in me to rhyme for Nowrooz.
So, instead I compose this gloomy note, not what I wanted for a fresh start. But, I am still hopeful, for I know that change is inevitable. Without a doubt some will remain ignorant of the changes, some will resist them, some will fight against them, and some will embrace them and make the most of them. I am hoping that the majority of Iranians will join the latter group, and with that hope I am wishing that each of us read books that are forgotten and neglected, learn about our history and ask questions and figure out the answers independently, for that’s the only way to build a better future for Iran. For I know that even absurdity cannot go on for a long while, because it will not be profitable for a long time. And change is inevitable.

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