Sunday, March 15

Nowrooz is on its way!

In less than a week, the Iranians around the globe will celebrate the arrival of the spring equinox, Nowrooz (Norooz)—the New Day—with many hopes and dreams in their hearts. In Iran, without a doubt, the Iranians will celebrate the arrival of the New-Day deservedly, as it has been with them for many centuries now. And they do it wholeheartedly, even though the Islamic State has never been happy about it, and has never failed to express its dislike for this ancient national celebration of the rejuvenation of the Mother Nature.
However, there is something magical about the spirit of Nowrooz (نوروز)that passes through all the Evil that is projected in Iran, and is stronger than the will of that demonic manifestation, the Islamic Republic of Lust and Greed. Only pure Evil stands in the way of people’s jubilation.
If your childhood belonged to “the pre-revolution era,” the era of the Pahlavi, you would know that there was something quite indescribable about the Nowrooz of that era. I can recall some fragments of my childhood, when I was enchanted by the spirit of Nowrooz, when the feeling of immense jubilation, fun and excitement would overcome and stay with me for all the thirteen-days of the festivity.
The Mullahs, however, have not been successful; people always do what they have always done in the manner of keeping the good costumes that have survived the cruelty of different ages. And that’s a fact of life.


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