Tuesday, January 20


Originally I had a plan for this first post of 2009; it was to be light, brief and seasonal. But then, my mood changed when I received the sad news of the passing of an acquaintance, who lost his battle with cancer, this past Saturday night.

As I am neither a composer of an obituary note, nor a mourner of close relation to the deceased, but a grieved acquaintance who came to know a little about the man, I’d like to dedicate this note to the memory of Iraj Emad.

I didn’t know him thoroughly, and only had a few encounters with him, a few years ago. Back then, he seemed up beat and in spite of his ongoing battle with cancer he was very positive about the outcome of his treatments and kept a very active life. And he believed that, “it is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep”.

He always had stories about people, usually famous people who were dead. But he also had stories about living people too. But more than a storyteller, he saw himself as “…a singer without a voice”. As an exile, he was an intense man, like many other exiles, but that intensity of character had much to do with his constant battle in winning the hearts of those who came to listen to his stories, which were as colourful as you would want to hear! He seemed rather restless, very passionate and loudly opinionated, and, at times, he seemed very uncompromising and disagreeable, the very traits which made him into a raging bull with a broken horn.

A little while ago, I spoke with him over the phone. He sounded tired, and scared. I pretended that I didn’t feel it; but in my heart, I knew that he knew his battle was over. In that last phone call, reminiscences of the past encounters made for a discovery of the frailty of human being. We both knew that there will be no more encounters; we knew that future was not for him, and the phone call was just a closure for us.

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The Silk Road said...

Absolutely beautiful writing and tribute to a unique soul. thank you.