Tuesday, December 30

While the "old one" is limping...

While the old year is limping toward its end, the new one is lurking around the corner awaiting its own term, and the future, in spite of being absolutely predictable, does not seem bright at all! But, I am not going to whine about the grayish tone of the near future, rather, I would like to focus on the beaming surprises that will lighten up the subdued tone of the colour of that gloomy sky of the future. At last, I am coming along with it; the optimism, of course. And have plans to stick with it, for I have a peculiar feeling that it will work wonders!

Anyway, on behalf of the Twoshorties, I wish you a wonderful year filled with joy and rewards, but above all, I wish you a healthy 2009. Dare to dream and enjoy living life. And of course, happy 2009.


Anonymous said...

I wish you a Happy New Year.


PS: from France, this time!

Bita said...

Dear Shadi:

We hope you have a pleasant stay in France!