Monday, December 22

The season and its...

It is that time of the year, when the spirit of the season gets under your skin and makes you post the kind of post you are about to read. To be honest with you, there is a voice in my head that tells me to do one thing, “don’t write any thing gloomy,” and as I must listen to that voice, I warm up myself for a suitable short piece, something that goes well with this season. How about this: how to enjoy hunting gifts for family, friends and your potential future foes!!!

Gift-hunting can be an enjoyable sport, if you are prepared in advance. It is usually affordable, if you are patient, and curious enough to detect unusual places for hunting a usable gift. Just remember one thing: a good hunter is never unprepared, and never aims at a cheap hunt! A cheap-hunt, however, is a gift that is purchased in a hurry, usually something that is of no use to its receiver, and accordingly, it is prone to enter the vicious circle of recycling-gifts. Just one last thing: a cheap-hunt can be pricy too! So, be wise, and spend wisely. Don’t buy gifts because you have to. A gift should be a simple gesture of appreciation, a token of thoughtfulness. So select gifts with care and consideration, and never do it for the sake of minding the social etiquettes, because no self-respecting human being would like to receive an “obligatory gift”. And remember that you may be a giver but you are also a receiver too. And don’t forget about books as gifts; every one enjoys a good read. Be a happy hunter, and enjoy the season.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To you guys.


Bita said...

Dear Shadi,

We wish you a joyful, productive, and fruitful 2009.