Sunday, October 12

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada

The occasion is of showing gratefulness for what we have received from Mother Nature, during the past year, in Canada. So, we shall celebrate it heartily, eat merrily and be just simply festive.

In the ancient World, people believed in the Mightiness of Mother-Nature, and they respected Her tremendously. They worshiped the Nature for Her Beauty, Grace, Love, and Generosity, and never underestimated Her Power, and, She in return opened Her arms generously, and provided them plenteous. And in showing their sincere gratitude, once a year in a Collective effort, which resonated itself in their festivities, the ancient people gave Offerings to the Bounteous Mother. They gave thanks with generous heart; celebrated and cheered the generosity of the Nature, with Festivities far more colourful than our contemporary Thanksgiving-dinner parties. She, the Bounteous Mother, was the Queen of the ancient eras.

Today, we celebrate Thanksgiving as we may, in the spirit of humility, grace and peace, and we offer our many thanks to our Forgiving Mother, and ask Her to save us from our own greed and timidity of mind.


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