Friday, October 24

Changing my Palate!

There is something that I would like to share with you, the viewers of this blog, because I think that being honest and forward is the first step towards a long lasting relationship which exists between the authors of this blog and the general readership.

As you have noticed, since the opening of this page till recently, my sole focus, with an occasional diversion, has been on “political” engagements either in Iran, or elsewhere in relation to Iran. As an expatriate, I am sad, to a great degree, for being pushed away from the Home I love dearly. I am worried too; that I can do nothing but to witness the most heinous crimes committed by a group of traitors and evil-minded whose faith has come to destroy a nation’s hope for a decent future! For, what is a Nation without a Future? And how would a Nation survive without a hope?

But having said that; I must admit that as a dreamer, I dream of an Iran that is freed from Evil, by her own very children. I believe in Iranians’ strive against the works of Evil and evil-doers. For what I see happening in my Iran, under the Islamic regime that was established based on devil’s precise instructions, is the manifestation of Evil in full force.
For those who know the Alphabet to Zoroastrianism, it comes as no surprise to know that those who think Evil, will say nothing but Evil, and would do nothing but Evil. In fact, we cannot expect anything less than that from those who have been lulled by devilish temptations, and worship Evil! But, I am a realist as well, and as such person my disposition is that of a person who sees the ugliness of truth, and with that in mind, hopes for discovering the beautiful dimension of that ‘ugly truth’ as well.
Now, having established my point of view with respects to the current events in Iran, I would like to reflect on different things that are of great importance to an expatriate’s life in exile. Thus, from now on, every once a week there will a post with respect to that aspect of my life, as I would like to maintain a balance between being an “expatriate” and a Canadian Citizen, all at once!

By the way, that’s how I change my palate!


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