Saturday, September 13

The Persian Gulf will remain a Persian Gulf, and that's a fact

A democratic magazine, as “unbiased” as they come, was on the news stand. And I had the feeling that I had to purchase it and further the profit of the “unbiased elite” of the democratic society of the truth-tellers. After all it is the “SPECIAL COLLECTOR”S EDITION; 25th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE!” and one ought to be utterly vain, not to purchase the Vanity Fair.
So, I browse through the pages of the profitable advertisings and then I reach the section called “The Vanity Fair 100”. Number One on every one’s list is that maniac Vladimir Putin, the godlike prime minister of Russia, still “at the height of his power”. What else is new? Turn the page, and see some other names: Rupert Murdoch, with his Chinese connection; Roman Abramovich, the man who after years of living in the capital of the Great Britain is still in need of taking some ESL courses, and shamelessly owns a “Boeing 767 with anti-missile system”. Oh, dear Molly what a dread! And then there it is the picture of that Sheikh who is declared by the Republican’s leader as a “sharp dresser”. I read the entry, and it occurs to me that the history books are scarce in the United States of America, for every fool on this planet knows that there is no such a thing as an “Arabian Gulf region”! What rubbish has been pressed onto those glossy-sheets of modern papyrus for which one has to pay a fortune to read the plausible facts?!
And there is this old news: that there is a Persian Gulf that will remain a Persian Gulf, even though the likes of that “sharp dresser” may wish to meddle with historical facts. A magazine as auspicious as Vanity Fair should consult facts--historical ones--or at least consult the famous American Historians who are residing in Harvard and Yale, before accepting bribes from the likes of that Sheikh or the others, in order to satisfy the feeble-minded sheikhs, the intimate friends of the well-bread-elite of the Americans and their allies.


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