Monday, September 29


It is a wise thing to “trust” one’s intuition. In fact, if we are ever wise, we should rely on our intuition and live our life to its fullest, because our intuition is our guiding light. But intuition without the force of a sharp mind cannot work its magical effect, which is the ceasing of the moments that are crucial in fulfilling one’s fate, whatever may be. For the Truthful Guidance that comes from the bottom of our soul, and helps each of us accordingly and clearly, is the working of our intuition, and nothing else, and it needs careful attention which requires a certain sharpness of mind. How many people have lived a miserable life, unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and left a legacy of bitterness and of hatred behind, only because they never found a way to learn how to sharpen their mind?!
And the sharpness of mind is a work of purpose and of a meaningful progress, not merely in its ‘academic sense,’ but in its tangible, divine-humanistic grasp of life. A sense that is distinct from fakery. Anyway, I should cut this entry short and bring you this week’s quotation by Aldous Huxley on “Experience”:
"Experience is not a matter of having actually swum the Hellespont, or danced with the dervishes, or slept in a doss-house. It is a matter of sensibility and intuition, of seeing and hearing the significant things, of paying attention at the right moments, of understanding and co-ordinating. Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him."

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