Tuesday, September 2

Bravo Multiculturalism, Bravo

At the busiest intersection of this multicultural city of Toronto, four young bearded fellows, in their traditional regalia, had set up a table, upon which from pocket-Quran to carefully designed pamphlets explaining the purpose of “the Final Revelation” and “Divine Guidance from the Creator,” was at display.
I drew near the table, stand there for a second or two, try to understand what is wrong with me?! One of them took the courage and moved toward me, he was trying to be a gentleman. His eyes didn’t meet mine, he was a real Muslim! I have seen many of them; I had lived in a country that had been revolutionized to meet the Barbaric Islamic Standards. I know how Muslim brothers treat their Muslim mothers, sisters, and wives.
I ask for a pamphlet; I read through it in a minute, and I ask myself, if Islam is that peaceful, and if Allah is that One, then why the hell Iran’s history is filled with atrocities committed by the Muslims. One-Thousand-Four-Hundred-Twenty-Nine years of spreading the message of the “Holy Qur’an,” and still there is blood; look at the Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran, and look at other counties where the “Divine Revelation” has been at work, and then decide whether you want this “ Divine Guidance” to be part of your daily life.


Delightfully Imperfect said...

Religion is difficult, and stained in blood. It is a sad thing. My heart goes out to you. Please stay strong, please take care of your self - and above all remember, while it's winter again in Iran, spring always follows winter -- it's only a question of time.

Anonymous said...

Your words of courage have always touched our hearts. this world needs more people like you,

thank you for your constant support.


SERENDIP said...

Excellent Katayoun jan. I love your writings.

Anonymous said...

Dear Serendip,

Thank you for your nice and sincere comment.