Thursday, August 21

A Simple Note

Toronto is a fast-pace city; some call it “the New York City of Canada.” Mind you, as glorious as New York City may be, Toronto is far more decent, far more humble, far more dignified and humane than New York City ever can be. And there is no denying it. However, a big North American City is a city from which one must get away when the pressure starts to mount. For me, to be able to get away from the city with all its noise and rush, to be able to get away from the news, the current affairs, is a luxury, just as seeking refuge from the civilisation to the woods helps keep my emotional, physical and spiritual balance intact.
If you are a nature-lover, you know what I mean when I say that I really enjoy being in the woods. I like walking in the woods, inhaling the fresh air that is filled with different scents, being in an awe when looking at the trees, each deeply rooted underground over which one walks. I love discovering eight different shades of green in a single branch of a willow tree. I like being a part of something that is alive and breathing, something that is sublime and awe awakening, and when I walk in the woods, I feel as though I am one with the woods. These sorts of things thrills me, they restore my sanity. And these days, more than anything, I need to be sane!

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