Wednesday, August 20

Our intellectual elite

I’d like to live in a World, where the “Intellectual Elite” could make suggestions, foresee the future and declare things “wrong and right,” with the aid of their collective “Sociological Imagination”. But, unfortunately, I am neither living in a “perfect” world, nor in an era, during which the elite could be “Intellectuals” in being the “Elite”.

So, since I am living in a “real” world where the intellectual elite have not developed a collective aptitude for “Intellectuality,” and have no short-comings in pomposity, I shall think “real,” be wise and satisfied with the “elite” we have! And since my living in a “real” world entails my “understanding” of the function of this bizarre entity, then I am allowed to express my deepest disappointment at having those beings as the intellectual elite of the present era!


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Anonymous said...

Your Opinion about the Intellectual et all, is absolutely right on the spot!