Saturday, August 30

Reflections that matter

By now, the regular readers of this page should know that there are reasons behind the selected quotations that are posted on this weblog. First and foremost, I like to share what I think is important, worthy of attention, and of interest to an inquiring mind.
Secondly, I believe that by reading a quotation, the interested individual will be able to reflect upon the content and if what is understood is worthy of further discovery, then that individual will have found something for themselves. And thirdly, it is a good thing to circulate good words around.
The followings are two selections from Memories, Dreams, Reflections, C.G. Jung, recorded and edited by Aniela Jaffe; Translated from the German by Richard and Clara Winston.

“Today we need psychology for reasons that involve our very existence. We stand perplexed and stupefied before the phenomenon of Nazism and Bolshevism because we know nothing about man, or at any rate have only a lopsided and distorted picture of him. If we had self-knowledge, that would not be the case. We stand face to face with the terrible question of evil and do not even know what is before us, let alone what to pit against it…” (Memories, Dream, Reflections: Late Thought, 331).
The secret society is an intermediary stage on the way to individuation. The individual is still relying on a collective organization to effect his differentiation for him; that is, he has not yet recognized that it is really the individual’s task to differentiate himself from all the others and stand on his own feet. All collective identities, such as membership in organizations, support of “isms,” and so on, interfere with the fulfillment of this task. Such collective identities are crutches for the lame, shields for the timid, beds for the lazy, nurseries for the irresponsible; but they are equally shelters for the poor and weak, a home port for the shipwrecked, the bosom of a family for orphans, a land of promise for disillusioned vagrants and weary pilgrims, a herd and a safe fold for lost sheep, and a mother providing nourishment and growth…” (Late Thought, 343).

Friday, August 29

This week's poem: "They"



The Bishop tells us: “When the boys come back
They will not be the same; for they’ll have fought
In a just cause: they lead the last attack
On Anti-Christ; their comrades’ blood has bought
New right to breed an honourable race,
They have challenged Death and dared him face to face.”

“We’re none of us the same!” the boys reply.
“For George lost both his legs; and Bill’s stone blind;
Poor Jim’s shot through the lungs and like to die;
And Bert’s gone syphilitic: you’ll not find
A chap who’s served that hasn’t found some change.”
And the Bishop said: “The ways of God are strange!”
(Oct. 31, 1916)

Tuesday, August 26

The new Image of Evil

I don’t know why, but I have this funny feeling that the former “law professor,” Mr. Dimitri Medvedev, the newly “elected” Russian President, looks a bit suspicious by being meticulously English.

Thursday, August 21

A Simple Note

Toronto is a fast-pace city; some call it “the New York City of Canada.” Mind you, as glorious as New York City may be, Toronto is far more decent, far more humble, far more dignified and humane than New York City ever can be. And there is no denying it. However, a big North American City is a city from which one must get away when the pressure starts to mount. For me, to be able to get away from the city with all its noise and rush, to be able to get away from the news, the current affairs, is a luxury, just as seeking refuge from the civilisation to the woods helps keep my emotional, physical and spiritual balance intact.
If you are a nature-lover, you know what I mean when I say that I really enjoy being in the woods. I like walking in the woods, inhaling the fresh air that is filled with different scents, being in an awe when looking at the trees, each deeply rooted underground over which one walks. I love discovering eight different shades of green in a single branch of a willow tree. I like being a part of something that is alive and breathing, something that is sublime and awe awakening, and when I walk in the woods, I feel as though I am one with the woods. These sorts of things thrills me, they restore my sanity. And these days, more than anything, I need to be sane!

Wednesday, August 20

Our intellectual elite

I’d like to live in a World, where the “Intellectual Elite” could make suggestions, foresee the future and declare things “wrong and right,” with the aid of their collective “Sociological Imagination”. But, unfortunately, I am neither living in a “perfect” world, nor in an era, during which the elite could be “Intellectuals” in being the “Elite”.

So, since I am living in a “real” world where the intellectual elite have not developed a collective aptitude for “Intellectuality,” and have no short-comings in pomposity, I shall think “real,” be wise and satisfied with the “elite” we have! And since my living in a “real” world entails my “understanding” of the function of this bizarre entity, then I am allowed to express my deepest disappointment at having those beings as the intellectual elite of the present era!


Friday, August 15


It has gotten to the point that one does not know how to find any logic in the madness around: The Olympic and President Bush of the United States of America, in China; the former Reds of the former Soviet Union, presently known as the newly Whites of the “great Russia” occupying the Georgian territory; Monsieur Sarkozy, the French-Man of the Year in Europe; the Rise of the Islamofascism in the Middle East; Velayat-e Faqih in Iran; the creation of the Global Terrorism; the Taliban in Afghanistan, the female suicide bomber in Iraq, killing pilgrims, annihilating the “other” believers; the Sharia Law in Englistan; the likes of the Jihadists in Toronto’s streets…


Wednesday, August 13

Islam is what you see

The Islamic Regime in Iran does not represent Iran; it represents what a true fakery can be.


Henry Vaughan (1621-1695), a Welsh man in blood and to the bone, often referred to himself as a “son of Ben Johnson;” a man of “religious sensibility,” whose relationship with the divine was poetic, not chaotic. The following, Corruption, is one of his best, or at least that’s what I think!


Sure it was so. Man in those early days
Was not all stone and earth;
He shined a little, and by those weak rays
Had some glimpse of his birth.
He saw heaven o’er his head, and knew from whence
He came, condemned, hither;
And, as first love draws strange unto him: sweat and till,
All was a thorn or weed:
Nor did those last, but (like himself) died still
As soon as they did seed.
They seemed to quarrel with him, for that act
That felled him foiled them all:
He drew the curse upon the world, and cracked
The whole frame with his fall.
This made him long for home, as loath to stay
With murmurers and foes;
He sighed for Ede, and would often say,
“Ah! What bright days were those!”
Nor was heaven cold unto him; for each day
The valley or the mountain
Afforded visits, and still Paradise lay
In some green shade or fountain.
Angels lay lieger here; each bush and cell,
Each oak and highway knew them;
Walk but the fields, or sit down at some well,
And he was sure to view them.
Almighty Love! where art thou now? Mad man
Sits down and freezeth on;
He raves, and swears to stir nor fire, nor fan,
But bids the thread be spun.
I see, thy curtains are close-drawn; thy bow
Looks dim, too, in the cloud;
Sin triumphs still, and man is sunk below
The center, and his shroud.
All’s in deep sleep and night: thick darkness lies
And hatcheth o’er thy people-
But hark! what trumpet’s that? what angel cries,
“Arise! thrust in thy sickle?”


Tuesday, August 12

A "pious" man's words

The following is a “great quotation” which has been selected from Khomeini’s The Answer to Problems (توضیح المسائل). And you, the audience of this page, should read it well and decide whether or not the author of such absurdity could be recognized as a “pious,” man, a “Guardian” of a nation, responsible for the well being of a society consisting of both men and women.

According to Khomeini: “A distinction is made between men and women by referring to men as human and women as otherwise".

Sunday, August 10

simple note

Every once in a while, I try to post a quotation that somewhat explains the perplexity of life in different shades. The following conveys the meaning that is simple, profound, and by no means easily grasped.

“We are psychic process which we do not control, or only partly direct. Consequently, we cannot have any final judgment about ourselves or our lives. If we had, we would know everything –but at most that is only a pretense. At bottom we never know how it has all come about. The story of a life begins somewhere, at some particular point we happen to remember; and even then it was already highly complex. We do not know how life is going to turn out. Therefore the story has no beginning, and the end can only be vaguely hinted at” (Carl Gustav Jung: Memories, Dreams, Reflections).