Sunday, July 27

Our Salutation to our Late King, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi

This brief note is a homage to our late King, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi; a King under whose great leadership Iran was flourishing as a Secular, Stable and Independent country in one of the most troubled areas on this planet, the Middle East.

Let us remember our late King as a man who believed in justice, peace, democracy and secularism without propagating against his own people, or the whole world. A King, who was not afraid of his own people, did not believe in entering any “political campaign,” and did not wish to defend himself against the cheap accusations of the Western Media, supplemented by the dollar-worshiping lobbyist in Washington.

Let us remember our late King, as a dignified man of great compassion, who trusted his friends and forgave his enemies, spent many sleepless nights in exile thinking about his country’s fate, while battling cancer. Let us remember the late King as a man who believed in the greatness of Iran, without threatening the “peace-process” in the Middle East.



Anonymous said...

درود بر شما

Anonymous said...

long live Iran.

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