Sunday, July 13

The tale of the Fox and its Tail

There is a proverb in Farsi that goes like this:

They asked the Fox, “who is your witness?” The Fox answered, “my own tail”.

Andrew Young, the United States (the Fox) ambassador and President Carter’s special convoy to the UN (1977), asserted that, “Khomeini’s movement has been influenced by an American Educational System, and it’s inspired by it. What I can say is that this Revolution’s ideals are the same as the ideals of all human right advocates. When this Revolution settles (entering its fourth stage, which it never did!), then the whole world will realize that Khomeini (the Fox’s tail) is one of our Contemporary’s Saints”.



Anonymous said...

People should learn about this recent history of conspiracy and misfortune that striked our society in Iran

SERENDIP said...

Sick man. Great find.