Monday, May 26

Without a Title!

In order to boost my optimism, I have been trying to see the events of the world, especially of my homeland Iran, through a pair of colourful spectacles. And to tell you the truth, I have a dual feeling towards the use of such a device, because I am not too sure about the long-term effects of the usage!

I read the news about the current affairs in Iran, but not without my magical glasses on. I zoom in. I see no idiot called Ahmadinejad, but a mad, delusional “president”, whose comprehension of the reality of the political games equals that of the wit of a five-year old preschooler. A goat that follows the rest of the herd has more wit than this “president” whose sole purpose is to create internal and external tensions in order to help the Fascist regime maintain power and control. Not a bright, pensive, stately man, but an ordinary fellow with too much faith dumped on his shoulders, while leading a hysteric crowd towards creating a state suitable for Allah’s trustee on earth. I should remove my spectacles every now and then, just to defy my sense of judgment.

Again I put my spectacles on, when I look at Khamenei’s picture, the so called “spiritual leader of the Islamic Republic”. I see a blood thirsty clergy- man in the field of guiding--mainly men--people toward Allah. No, I see devil in his most usual disguise. To be frank with you, with my magical spectacles on, I see Ali Khamenei as a man who had been prepared for his role even before the so called “triumph of people’s revolution, the Islamic revolution of 1978-79”. A “spiritual leader” under whose authority the most heinous crimes have been and are committed, with the hope to please Allah.

Even with my spectacles on, I cannot see why Allah should have waited all these eons to redeem humanity?


Delightfully Imperfect said...

The terror that is Iran
Will one day vanish from the land
Mad dictators shall pass away
Freedom is surely on it's way.

Bita said...

dear Roxie,

The Iranians will prevail, dear roxie.