Thursday, May 1

How long have they been waiting for each other?

A thousand and a few hundred years of enslavement has rubbed them off of their dignity, the poor creatures of gullible mind. Tortured souls, wounded spirits, shaken down to their bones, with fear of a vicious god, named Allah, in their hearts. History has it that they have been raped, pillaged, murdered, stoned, but they never ceased to give up their scattered fight.
So many words are exchanged in silence, even though the air is noisy to the point that one can hardly hear the sound of one’s own thoughts.
Congregated in a specific zone, shoulder-to-shoulder, but no one is looking up. Perhaps they are looking at what is happening under their feet, as if they are tired of sinking so low. Something must have gone terribly wrong. Wouldn’t you wonder?
And of course, something has gone wrong, and no one knows how, but they all know why! The miserable condition of life in that ancient land, Iran, where, once, people laughed, fell-in-love, and kept their head-up, has taken its toll on the nation. But, now, the words are prancing around, trying to attack those who have fallen behind the wheel. Denial is no longer an option. The truth is now naked, and exposed for you to take your luckiest pick at it, and declare yourself a Saint! Perhaps, in the darkest moments of a nations’ life, even silence is a sign.


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