Thursday, May 15

Good luck To you all!

Yes, let us be jubilant and gay, my dear Anglophiles, because our beloved Queen Elizabeth II, has adorned her majestic head with a scarf, instead of a crown decorated with precious gems--the generous “gifts” from the King of Saudi Arabia, or the Raja of Rajestan--in order to enter a holly place, an “Ottoman mosque”, in Turkey.
A friend said, “A British hound never spoils a good hunt! <<Good luck to you all>> is what they say before they commence the hunt. But, at this moment this is what I say: good bye my beloved home, Iran. Good bye peace and hello Hell”. He may be right, who knows!

The head of the Church of England, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of England, and the Common Wealth, loosely but adequately, covering her silver grey, enters the house of Allah, in Bursa, Turkey. And I ask myself, whatever happened to those good old days where Charlemagne and Rolland killed more than 20,000 pagans-a-day?
Perhaps, Christianity has bowed down only to offer an olive branch. I am trying to be an optimist! Then, if I let the optimism penetrate a little deeply, I will have to expect that in a near future, the children of the Old Patriarchs will follow their heathen brethrens, as well

Who knows, ey?

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Anonymous said...

you say things in a way that not many Iranians will. I really enjoy visiting your blog. You people have your head on your shoulder,wish All Iranians were like the two of you.