Wednesday, April 2

A simple note!

In case you have not noticed, the rise of the “Islamofascism” has its roots in the kind of the world we are trying to save, today! What is happening around the world, with respect to the political aspects of many things, is beyond absurd.
You don’t need to have a “degree,” to realize that the whole-wide-world is in a mess that which seems more likely to have a potential for an unprecedented universal anarchy, a miserable destruction—a powerful drive towards Death and Disconnection-- than to have any capacity to search for an inevitable truth—the quest for Eternal Love and Connection.
No, you don’t need to be an “economists” to understand that “one of the most powerful countries on this planet” is going through a “gradual recession” of which we have heard murmurs, prior to the horrible, vicious act of Terrorism that was committed in the September 11th of the year 2001. You don’t have to be a “human right activist” to understand that in many countries around the world, human beings have no right to exist at all. In Iran, the population is ruled and mauled by the government, the Industrialists, the Capitalists and the Opportunists; the Mullahs are talking nonsense, the Democratic Candidates in the States review the situation carefully! becasue the most powerful men of politics and decision making do not want to have "it" other way.
It seems as if Vietnam has never ended. The cold war never ended. The World War II never ended. It is even obvious that the ambitious minds of the ancient Imperialists never ceased to stop thinking of creating a “Free World” and therefore the ambitious plan to create A Powerful Government is still under way.
It is a sad world in which we struggle for nothing, die for nothing and live for nothing. We even try to save the world for nothing. We are dealing with “nothingness,” so much so that “Nothingness” seems to be the unprecedented condition of not-being. And in the meantime, our scream is no longer audible. Moreover, we are ruined very miserably and stupidly



Anonymous said...

your posts are always thought-prooking. And I wonder why don't you upgrade your blog all the time. sometimes there are not any new posts for a week or so??? So, look forward to seeing you more proactive.


katayoun said...

Dear Shadi,

I always appreciate candid opinions and suggestions are always considered with open mind. As for keeping the blog up-to-date; I always do my best to have a post a week,at least. But, Chashm.