Sunday, April 13

Minding one's wheel!

Mother, I cannot mind my wheel

Mother, I cannot mind my wheel;
My fingers ache, my lips are dry:
Oh! If you felt the pain I feel!
But oh, who ever felt as I!
No longer could I doubt him true,
All other men may use deceit;
He always said my eyes were blue,
And often swore my lips were sweet
. (1806)

Walter Savage Landor (1775-1864)


Ali.mostaque said...

Looks a bit pretentious. Feels a bit pretentious. Where is Iran?

Anonymous said...

Apparently you are an expert on the issue of "pretentiousness"!
as for "where is Iran," for a "lecturer" such as yourself, the easy way to find out is to look up your World Map and find Iran.