Saturday, April 26

"The History of Truth" as Auden recites it

In that age when being was believing,
Truth was the most many credibles,
More first, more always, than a bat-winged lion,
A fish-tailed dog or eagle-headed fish,
The least like morals, doubted by their deaths.

Truth was their model as they strove to build
A world of lasting objects to believe in,
Without believing earthenware and legend,
Archway and song, were truthful or untruthful:
The Truth was there already to be true.

This while when, practical like paper-dishes,
Truth is convertible to kilowatts,
Our last to do by is an anti-model
Some untruth anyone can give the lie to,
A nothing no one need believe is there.

Saturday, April 19

A note for You and I

Connected, not fully, not merely as a whole, but superficially we are satisfied that we have something in common with each other, as a people of a country, and therefore we know each other’s dream! So, we stand face to face with each other, in disguise, while pretending to have a secret amongst ourselves, of which most of us, surprisingly, know nothing at all.

In the background, the cruelty of the blood stained reality of our kind tries to penetrate itself into the darkest corner of our thoughts, but never shall it triumph over our resistant minds. And so we think that we are connected, and yet, we are a world away, apart from each other and us. And we wait for that great revelation, and with patience for a glorious reward from a generous enterprise, we parade around in disguise, yet fully unaware of the depth of our disconnection and the undercurrent sense of loss.

You and I, plus the others, will go on with persistence; a very peculiar sense of achievement that is not wholly shared. For how could it?! And we try very hard to make that connection under a shadow of a burdensome doubt, and miserably try to hide the truth, of which we haven’t heard much. And you wonder why we can’t seem to get on with our trial? And you think that you can keep yourself connected with the others, while I drift away in disguise, till we meet in the middle of the dreamy field, where the daffodils used to grow plenteous. Well, apparently, you and I were both wrong!

Connected we are, because we are trapped and confined in a narrow space, where reality is chained for the sake of our own good. And you believe that it is for your own good that you shall hide away from what seems to be the secret of our sacred connection.

Connected we are, though we have nothing to make us dream the same dream, work for the same cause, or live the same life. You and I are such similar creatures, we tolerate the same pain, with the same frequency, with the same sharpness, but that’s as far as our connection forces us to connect, and with certain joy we claim that we are connected!


Sunday, April 13

Minding one's wheel!

Mother, I cannot mind my wheel

Mother, I cannot mind my wheel;
My fingers ache, my lips are dry:
Oh! If you felt the pain I feel!
But oh, who ever felt as I!
No longer could I doubt him true,
All other men may use deceit;
He always said my eyes were blue,
And often swore my lips were sweet
. (1806)

Walter Savage Landor (1775-1864)

Tuesday, April 8

To Our Viewers

The Prophet, 1911, oil on canvas, Wien

"Man is what he is not and is not what he is". Jean-Paul Sartre


Wednesday, April 2

A simple note!

In case you have not noticed, the rise of the “Islamofascism” has its roots in the kind of the world we are trying to save, today! What is happening around the world, with respect to the political aspects of many things, is beyond absurd.
You don’t need to have a “degree,” to realize that the whole-wide-world is in a mess that which seems more likely to have a potential for an unprecedented universal anarchy, a miserable destruction—a powerful drive towards Death and Disconnection-- than to have any capacity to search for an inevitable truth—the quest for Eternal Love and Connection.
No, you don’t need to be an “economists” to understand that “one of the most powerful countries on this planet” is going through a “gradual recession” of which we have heard murmurs, prior to the horrible, vicious act of Terrorism that was committed in the September 11th of the year 2001. You don’t have to be a “human right activist” to understand that in many countries around the world, human beings have no right to exist at all. In Iran, the population is ruled and mauled by the government, the Industrialists, the Capitalists and the Opportunists; the Mullahs are talking nonsense, the Democratic Candidates in the States review the situation carefully! becasue the most powerful men of politics and decision making do not want to have "it" other way.
It seems as if Vietnam has never ended. The cold war never ended. The World War II never ended. It is even obvious that the ambitious minds of the ancient Imperialists never ceased to stop thinking of creating a “Free World” and therefore the ambitious plan to create A Powerful Government is still under way.
It is a sad world in which we struggle for nothing, die for nothing and live for nothing. We even try to save the world for nothing. We are dealing with “nothingness,” so much so that “Nothingness” seems to be the unprecedented condition of not-being. And in the meantime, our scream is no longer audible. Moreover, we are ruined very miserably and stupidly