Wednesday, March 26

The Assassination of Manouchehr Farhangi

"It was an Iranian woman. And the National Police are looking for her in connection with the stabbings that killed her compatriot, the 82 year old Manouchehr Farhangi, at the gates of his residence in La Moraleja on Wednesday. This much was confirmed by a witness, who stated that the woman fled in a taxi after committing the aggression, and got rid of the coat she was wearing. Apparently, she had arrived in the same car".

With special thanks to for reflecting this horrible news about the assassination of a man whose life was filled with greatness, kindness, generosity, and love for his country, Iran.


saggezard said...

It seems the Ayatollahs are back to their old tricks again, not that they ever stopped, but again a prominent Iranian is mysteiously killed now in Spain, seems very simillar to what they did to:

Farrokhzad (Germany), Bakhtiar(France), Ali Tabaatabaai (USA), Tavakoli (England), Qasemlu (Austria), Naqdi (Italy), Misaqi (Philipines), Ahmad Moradi-Talebi (Switzerland), Shahverdilu (Turkey) Bahman Javadi (Cyprus), Rahdar (India) and the list goes on....
But where is the mass media with a duty to inform the public, of the plight of the Iranian people in Iran and abroad.

Bita said...

dear sagezard;

In fact, the ayatollahs have never stopped doing what they are doing, which is the practice of eliminating "the enemy" by the way killing them in the most brutal, and inhuman way. the way the ayatollahs and their allies are doing thing has a great reminiscence of the past, when Iran was invaded by Islam about 1400 years ago.