Tuesday, February 5

Something insignificant!

Since the commencement of the Reign of Fear and Terror in Iran, the propaganda machinery of the Islamic Republic has made it it’s only occupation to remain hostile towards Iranians’ national-identity. And in so doing, so far the IslamoFascists have incorporated all the means of suppression to destroy the national-will, that which will have to remain oblivious toward the powerful forces of destruction.

In order to destroy the Iranians’ national-identity in its totality , while aware of the impact of propagating false cultural values, and replacing them with the social norms that were already in practice, Les directeurs de la revolution began their mission by the way of a-two-year-cultural-revolution. During which period, the “elect’ ploughed their way through texts of substantial scholarly values, history-books, records and archives of all sorts, and made significant and desired social/political/economical changes in everything that seemed crucial for the establishment of their despotic theocracy. What happened in that long period of “cultural revolution” should have been the subject of a series of thorough and serious national inquiries, but…

Today, after nearly three-long-torturous decades of misery, pain and down-right national humiliation, the regime still relies, heavily, on the “magic” of propaganda, because of the simple fact that even though Iranians are, somehow, a defeated-nation in battle with Islam, but their cultural heritage and historical background is as such that no propagandist can ever stand a chance in hell for the total destruction of that ancient foundation.


Roxie said...

Isn't it sad that in the name of power and control, God is so often used?

katayoun said...

Dear Roxie,

I think it is pathetic to use God, or anything else in that matter as an excuse to keep a nation under strains.

Anonymous said...

dear katayoun:

Your points are very clear. Thanks for reflecting the truth.

shahab (London)

katayoun said...

Dear Shahab,

My points are clear only because things are really clear!
thanks for your visit.