Monday, February 4

Let us be thankful

Now that the “revolutionaries” are in a mood to celebrate the establishment of the Islamo-fascist State in Iran, I see myself obliged to spare a note on their achievement, in the spirit of celebration!

Yes, surely, we, the Iranians, should “celebrate” the death of Our Nation, in a very gradual manner. We should certainly pray to the Almighty Allah, who helped Khomeini establish His glorious Khalifat, in Iran. We should be thankful for all the lives that were wasted in the moments of “national” furry and mania, all the men and women who were sacrificed to keep the flame of the revolution alive. We should be proud of being such dumb-witted nation who treated misery for a lot in the imaginary Paradise. Imagine our glory in Heaven, if only the “martyrs” were not in our way to settle on the top of that Promised Land.

We should celebrate the “Islamic Revolution”, of course, with all that we have and all that we can borrow from our future generations. We should even compensate the “leftist” whose plight is to “retrieve” the “revolution” and make it their own. We should applaud our “freedom” fighters whose shake-hand with the elite of the Neo-Cons has brought us such a joy and “democratic” innovation in the matter of “fighting for democracy in Iran”, that we no longer feel the need to “fight against the regime”. Somehow, we should accept that the “fight” is done for us, as an especial offer from the “Free World”!

Yes, we should do all of those and many other things. After all, if not “us” who else is going to celebrate the reign of Fear and Terror?


Roxie said...

Celebrate indeed... very insightful post.

Your art reminds me of a pot holder I made once :)

Anonymous said...



saggezard said...

Great post, deeply thoughtful, I say there should be a counter celebration by opposition members depicting what you say here.

katayoun said...

Dear Roxie,

Your words are always truthful.
dear anonymous,
thanks for your attention this post.
dear saggezard,
I think you have a valid point.