Friday, February 1

“The devil makes work for idle hands”

Walking with the devil by his side, what’s the old man thinking about?

This is Tehran’s infamous cemetery, Behesht Zahra’s graveyard. Nearly thirty-years-ago, upon entering “his” country after a fifteen-years-of-exile, Khomeini, the “Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution”, welcomed the gullible, in that place, and gave his famous speech about the glory of the “triumph over evil”. Back then, the place was a barren land, with empty lots, not yet as wholly morbid as a graveyard ought to seem. In that barren land, Khomeini addressed a confused-lulled-crowd, and promised them the glorious-Islamic-life. Today, his tomb is near the site, another wonder of the world around us!

Twenty-nine-years later, Khamenei, the present “Supreme Leader” takes a stroll in that crowded “City of Dead”. Long ago, I explored the “city” decidedly; it reminds you of nothing but that “glorious” promise, I assure you.

Look at the picture, again. The snow-covered graveyard’s air is chilled with silenced-voices of the “martyrs”, and the wailing of those who perished with a sudden strike of a bitter incident of life, they all mark the “triumph of the revolution”.
Does the old man know how many lives have vanished, how many hopes have died, how many dreams went up into the thin air, to make him the “supreme leader” of a “revolution”?



saggezard said...

Yes the old man knows better than anyone else how many lives vanished, he feeds on death and is alive because of it.

I have been debating with Azarmehr the ineffectiveness of a civil disobedience movement versus violently overthrow of the Ayatollahs. Do you think a civil disobedience movement has any chance, what are the obstacles to it and what is the alternative before Iran becomes Balkanized.

twoshorties said...

"Civil disobedience" may be effective if it is approached collectively. Yet, every movement has a leader or a group of trusted "directors" who would give appropriate and effective guidance. Unfortunately, at this moment, there is no Will for that collective effort!
AS for the "Balkanization" I rather not to dwell on it, at this juncture, for it is neither an alternative, nor an option. And beside all that, we should always remember that Iran belongs to a nation that has a Will and if that Will is provoked to move mountains, then it'll be done.
As to the removal of the Ayatollahs, the only option available for this matter contains violent actions, and reactions. They did not come to power to be "removed" as easy as we would wish it to be.