Monday, February 25

"Happy is he who sees the causes of things"

They say that Hope is happiness
Felix qui potuit rerum congnoscere causas. (VIRGIL)
They say that Hope is happiness-
But genuine Love must prize the past;
And Mem'ry wakes the thoughts that bless:
They rose the first-they set the last.
And all that mem'ry loves the most
Was once our only hope to be:
And all that hope adored and lost
Hath melted into memory.
Alas! it is delusion all--
The futre cheats us from afar:
Nor can we be what we recall,
Nor dare we think on what we are.

Thursday, February 14

"I aked a thief

I asked a thief to steal me a peach,
He turned up his eyes;
I ask'd a lithe lady to lie her down
Holy & meek she cries.

As soon as I went
An angel came.
He wink'd at the thief
And smiled at the dame-

And without one word said
Had a peach from the tree
And still as a maid
Enjoy'd the lady (William Blake)

Tuesday, February 5

Something insignificant!

Since the commencement of the Reign of Fear and Terror in Iran, the propaganda machinery of the Islamic Republic has made it it’s only occupation to remain hostile towards Iranians’ national-identity. And in so doing, so far the IslamoFascists have incorporated all the means of suppression to destroy the national-will, that which will have to remain oblivious toward the powerful forces of destruction.

In order to destroy the Iranians’ national-identity in its totality , while aware of the impact of propagating false cultural values, and replacing them with the social norms that were already in practice, Les directeurs de la revolution began their mission by the way of a-two-year-cultural-revolution. During which period, the “elect’ ploughed their way through texts of substantial scholarly values, history-books, records and archives of all sorts, and made significant and desired social/political/economical changes in everything that seemed crucial for the establishment of their despotic theocracy. What happened in that long period of “cultural revolution” should have been the subject of a series of thorough and serious national inquiries, but…

Today, after nearly three-long-torturous decades of misery, pain and down-right national humiliation, the regime still relies, heavily, on the “magic” of propaganda, because of the simple fact that even though Iranians are, somehow, a defeated-nation in battle with Islam, but their cultural heritage and historical background is as such that no propagandist can ever stand a chance in hell for the total destruction of that ancient foundation.

Monday, February 4

Let us be thankful

Now that the “revolutionaries” are in a mood to celebrate the establishment of the Islamo-fascist State in Iran, I see myself obliged to spare a note on their achievement, in the spirit of celebration!

Yes, surely, we, the Iranians, should “celebrate” the death of Our Nation, in a very gradual manner. We should certainly pray to the Almighty Allah, who helped Khomeini establish His glorious Khalifat, in Iran. We should be thankful for all the lives that were wasted in the moments of “national” furry and mania, all the men and women who were sacrificed to keep the flame of the revolution alive. We should be proud of being such dumb-witted nation who treated misery for a lot in the imaginary Paradise. Imagine our glory in Heaven, if only the “martyrs” were not in our way to settle on the top of that Promised Land.

We should celebrate the “Islamic Revolution”, of course, with all that we have and all that we can borrow from our future generations. We should even compensate the “leftist” whose plight is to “retrieve” the “revolution” and make it their own. We should applaud our “freedom” fighters whose shake-hand with the elite of the Neo-Cons has brought us such a joy and “democratic” innovation in the matter of “fighting for democracy in Iran”, that we no longer feel the need to “fight against the regime”. Somehow, we should accept that the “fight” is done for us, as an especial offer from the “Free World”!

Yes, we should do all of those and many other things. After all, if not “us” who else is going to celebrate the reign of Fear and Terror?

Saturday, February 2

"The Clod & the Pebble"

The Clod & the Pebble

“Love seeketh not Itself to please,
Nor for itself hath any care;
But for another gives its ease,
And builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair.”

So sang a little Clod of Clay,
Trodden with the cattle’s feet;
But a Pebble of the brook,
Warbled out these metres meet:

“Love seeketh only Self to please,
To bind another to its delight;
Joys in another’s loss of ease,
And builds a Hell in Heaven’s despite.”

William Blake, the sage.

Friday, February 1

“The devil makes work for idle hands”

Walking with the devil by his side, what’s the old man thinking about?

This is Tehran’s infamous cemetery, Behesht Zahra’s graveyard. Nearly thirty-years-ago, upon entering “his” country after a fifteen-years-of-exile, Khomeini, the “Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution”, welcomed the gullible, in that place, and gave his famous speech about the glory of the “triumph over evil”. Back then, the place was a barren land, with empty lots, not yet as wholly morbid as a graveyard ought to seem. In that barren land, Khomeini addressed a confused-lulled-crowd, and promised them the glorious-Islamic-life. Today, his tomb is near the site, another wonder of the world around us!

Twenty-nine-years later, Khamenei, the present “Supreme Leader” takes a stroll in that crowded “City of Dead”. Long ago, I explored the “city” decidedly; it reminds you of nothing but that “glorious” promise, I assure you.

Look at the picture, again. The snow-covered graveyard’s air is chilled with silenced-voices of the “martyrs”, and the wailing of those who perished with a sudden strike of a bitter incident of life, they all mark the “triumph of the revolution”.
Does the old man know how many lives have vanished, how many hopes have died, how many dreams went up into the thin air, to make him the “supreme leader” of a “revolution”?